LET'S CHAT: How Long Does Virgin Hair Last?

To be honest, This was a question that always had me upset. Why?

I was buying hair from Aliexpress ALL.THE.TIME. I would order from random vendors, hoping that I would be the one to receive hair that actually looked like the picture and did not fight me back. Most vendors put in the description box that the hair is suppose to last at least one year. There was no way any of those wigs were going to last a year. (Not one of them even lasted a month). I officially stopped ordering from Aliexpress when I one day received a weirdly cut 8 inch bob wig when I actually ordered a 18 inch wig!!!


Now, I am not trying to bash Aliexpress, There are products that are useful to many. I just haven't been fortunate enough to find a vendor with quality hair on that platform.


Now back to the question: 

How Long Does Virgin Hair Last?

To answer this question we first need to know what is virgin hair?

Virgin Hair is 100% unprocessed Human hair that is usually steamed to create a unique texture. (Body wave, Kinky curly, Deep wave)

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